Nutmegging This Up

Hunting vintage jazz vinyl records in the Nutmeg State

Thelonious Monk and Gerry Mulligan – Mulligan Meets Monk (1957)

ImageThelonious Monk, piano, and Gerry Mulligan, baritone saxophone

with Wilbur Ware (bs) and Shadow Wilson (d)

ImageProbably a late 50s pressing but possibly not the first pressing?  Label says “Bill Grauer Productions” and back of the jacket adds “Inc.” so…

ImageNEW!  NEW!  AUDIO!!!


(My first attempt at a rip…I don’t have a USB turntable anymore because the one I used to have used a Neanderthal-level amount of tracking force, etc etc.  For this attempt, I ran my Technolink preamp right into the Line In port of my Zoom H2 digital recorder…which I have used with much success to record myself in college for euphonium competitions.  The result is clear but somewhat quiet…not brittle, but not as full as I’d like.  Next time I’ll run it through the receiver and boost the volume to see what happens.  Turntable is a Technics SL1700 with an AT Precept 440 cartridge)


Found at Academy Records, New York, NY, this LP makes noise all over but doesn’t seem to have suffered in the fidelity department.  As much as I like this LP, I find this a slightly odd pairing because Mulligan’s playing can a bit “cute” paired with Monk’s tart wit.  Then again, it makes for the perfect one-off, as evidenced by the cut provided above.  Mulligan turns some phrases that have this soft shoe swing era type vibe to them that live harmoniously with a melody like that of “Rhythm-a-ning”.  As a bit of a Monk-nut (a Mutt?) this kind of collaboration is a welcome addition to my collection (as is any mono LP with this much vibrancy to it!)



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